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Different types of technologies in the market cater to your digital reading needs. But they offer many drawbacks like high-level glare, eye strain and fatigue. This way, you cannot focus on the content and make the most out of your time.

The best alternative to the modern digital screens for digital reading is the E-ink tablet. This is a remarkable technology that serves your needs regarding paper-like reading. You will not experience anykind of discomfort or fatigue with the E-ink tablet. You can click here to get insight on the E-ink tablet and its working. Besides this, it also uncovers the facts that make E-ink tablet your only solution for paper-like reading. Keep scrolling through the short guide!

E-ink Tablet – A Short Summary

The E-ink tablet is an incredible device that does not use light but works on electromagnetic principles. The screen contains many microcapsules; each capsule contains multiple particles. These particles refer to the black and white particles. There is a negative charge on white particles and a positive charge on black particles. When these particles experience an electromagnetic force, they turn into black-and-white forms and contribute to text formation. This is how an E-ink Tablet contributes to the paper-like reading experience.

What makes Geniatech E-ink tablet different from its competition?

Many things contribute to the differentiation of the geniatech E-ink tablet than its competitors. These things are here for your reference:

Supports Visibility In Sunlight

You can use the E-ink tablet even in sunlight. The E-ink tablet has no backlight or light-emitting features, but you will experience clear visibility with your tablet. Normally, conventional screens support visibility, but they need a strong backlight. With lower light, often leads you to experience glare and light reflection. This in turn leads to eye discomfort. But this is not the case when you purchase an E-ink Tablet.

Higher Screen Resolution

The E-ink tablet features a higher level of resolution. This means you can enjoy a clear and crisp view with your tablet. You don’t need to pay attention to a single part for longer. This high level of visibility and clear differentiation with the text allow you to easily read what is on the E-ink tablet. With this tablet, you can redefine your reading experience.

Environmentally Friendly

The E-ink tablet allows you to store the content right inside your tablet. You don’t need to purchase paper to write or take notes. This way, you can contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Paper manufacturing requires tree harvesting, which can lead to climate change and impact the water cycle. You can import your books to an E-ink tablet and store them for reading.

Highlight and Annotation

You can use the E-ink tablet to annotate or highlight the text. This way you can point out the changes or highlight the important facts. An option exists to annotate to recommend changes you want from your teammates in the specific document. The wireless connection of the E-ink tablet allows you to connect it to wifi and then collaborate by cloud sync. This will offer you a remarkable writing experience.

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