Main Features and Benefits of Wi-Fi Walkie Talkies


Wi-Fi powered walkie talkies work by transmitting data packets using the web. They are two way communication devices and are best suited for use by those engaged in outdoor activities. Examples include security detail, on-site workers, hikers, and more. When you move around from one point to another within a specific range, you will find it to be of great use.

Find out about the main features of a Wi-Fi walkie talkie and the benefits of using this device.

Main Features of Wi-Fi Walkie Talkies

Some of the main features of a wifi walkie talkie are as follows:

  • Functions such as All Call, 1 to Many, and 1 to 1
  • Reliable audio quality
  • Relies on existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Durable & compact design
  • Allow communication across a campus

Benefits of Using a Wi-Fi Walkie Talkie

Some of the main benefits of using a wifi walkie talkie are as follows:

Availability During Emergencies

In times of emergencies, it is common for the infrastructure behind the cellphone network to get damaged. Examples of such emergencies include:

  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Storm
  • Flood

A walkie-talkie can continue to provide a communication medium even in such situations. These devices also make it easier to simultaneously inform the situation to everyone. There will be no need to call everyone individually on their phone.

Easy to Set-Up

Setting up walkie talkies is simple and quick. They require minimum settings for operation. Many devices come with touch-button features that enable instant interaction. Even those without much technical know-how can use a wifi walkie talkie.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Walkie talkies are specifically designed to be lightweight yet durable. This is due to the robust nature of their application, which is usually meant to be mostly outdoors. They are designed for rough usage and are likely to withstand all kinds of treatment outdoors. Their robust construction can also prevent them from breaking even when dropped.

Besides, these devices are also designed with long battery life. They can keep operating for long hours, which can be beneficial in situations when you are outdoors and don’t have access to power-charging outlets.

Clarity of Voice

As long as these walkie talkies stay within range, they provide clear voice quality. Some of these devices are designed with functions that prevent interference from a wide range of sources. They are also often not affected by extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibration.

Unlimited Calls or Interactions

There is no limit to how many times you can communicate over a wifi walkie talkie. You can interact for unlimited time, as there are no charges on calls. Besides, there is no limit on the duration of the talk. This makes them more economical communication channels for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking, and for outdoor job-related functions.

Wi-Fi walkie talkies can also be used by children. Kids can find them to be great fun while playing with each other. Children can often find these devices to be beneficial in playing a wide range of outdoor games. So, the benefits of these walkie talkies are not just limited to formal functions. They can be used in any scenario and by anyone.

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