Causes of Snow Globe Cup Glitter Clumping


A snow globe cup has a double wall that gives it an elegant look and ensures the drink is in perfect condition. The cup holds the user’s favorite beverage on the first wall, while the second wall usually has globe glitter and special liquid. Snow globe cups may be either glass or plastic, and the different types are suitable for hot and cold drinks. A snow globe tumbler looks good when the glitter on the wall is spread evenly around the cup. However, there are times when the glitter clumps in a few parts of the tumbler. That makes the insulated cup unattractive. There are many reasons for glitter clumping in your snow globe tumbler.

Why Glitter Stick Together in a Snow Globe Cup

No one wants to have a snow tumbler with lump glitters. Most people don’t understand why the glitter clumps together. This article will explain why the snow glob tumbler is clumping so that one can avoid those practices. If your globe cup glitter sticks together, don’t worry because this problem has solutions.

Frosted snow globe cup

There are many situations where glitter clumping can occur. Among these situations is where temperature and humidity change in the globe tumbler. Leaving the snow globe for too long without shaking may cause frosting. Too much frosting of the liquid inside leads to clumping of the glitter. Therefore although it is not advisable to shake the cup excessively, regulated shaking prevents the gravity and the cup’s weight effect from sticking the frost together.

The solution to clumping due to frosting is minimal cup shaking before you put a drink in it. Also, storing it in a dry environment with no heat source or direct sunlight is essential. That will allow the cup to stay in perfect humidity and temperature condition.

Trapped moisture

Moisture in the insulated wall does not keep the snow cup in its proper condition. Trapped moisture in the wall leads to the freezing the snow globe liquid. Since the fluid in the globe usually mixes with the glitter when it is not in perfect condition, it affects the glitter’s condition Moisture may build up in the globe if the ice in the globe breaks. Globe liquid freezing due to moisture build-up in return causes glitter clumping. To prevent freezing, one can keep the snow cup near a humidifier. If glitter sticks together, dip a toothbrush in warm water and remove the glitter clumps.

Excessive shaking

Shaking and stirring the snow globe cup too much doesn’t benefit it in any way. Only regulated shaking and stirring are necessary. The glitter stick together in cases where the user is shaking the tumbler too much. In case glitter clumps due to shaking, dip a spoon in warm water and stir the snow globe to loosen up the clumps. One can use any pointed tool, like a toothpick, to get rid of the glitter pieces stuck together. After removing them, one can add fresh ice cubes to the snow cup.


Although there may be glitter clumping in your snow globe cup, it doesn’t mean that the cup is no longer helpful. Sometimes one may follow proper techniques to avoid clumping, but the glitter will still stick together. In that case, make use of the solution techniques to get the lead of the clumps.

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