Advantages of Using Huawei Site Kit


The ban placed on the Chinese tech company, Huawei, by the US government pushed them into creating solutions for themselves, one of which is the Huawei Site kit.

 For those following global trends in the tech space, you’d have heard of the 2019 ban placed on Huawei that prevents them from doing business with any of their American colleagues.

This ban submerged them in a deep well because they were thriving on Google Mobile Services (GMS). This gave them access to Google apps and services including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, and also popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Fortunately, there were some passive plans to create their mobile service system before then, but the ban accelerated their plans.

Now you may be wondering as a developer or content creator, “Why do I need to place my apps or product using the Huawei Site Kit?”

Huawei Site kit vs Google Site Kit

We can’t fully appreciate the benefits until we compare the Huawei Site Kit with its counterpart, the Google Site Kit.

Without further ado, let’s look at how the Google Site Kit helps developers and content creators.

What is the Google Site Kit all about?

The Google Site Kit is mostly used by WordPress creators, site owners, hosting providers, developer (and developer agencies), etc. It enables them to configure Google products, set up tools on the site, and analyze performance via the stats.

The installation, configuration, and setup of the Google Site kit is one of its fantastic attributes.

Now, let’s proceed to the Huawei Site Kit

What is the Huawei Site Kit all about?

This site kit is more developed and advanced, and deeply enshrined in the Huawei Mobile Service (HMS). It gives users access to services and also makes their apps available to people all across the globe.

Top benefits of the Huawei Site Kit

· Available in various languages:

Developers are advised to create apps through the Huawei Site Kit because it’s available in 13 major languages.

This is so important because it helps in app localization, and it’s unfortunate that a lot of developers don’t capitalize on the benefits that app localization brings. If you create an app in one or two languages, only a subset of people will benefit, leaving thousands of people who may have genuine interest in what you’ve developed but face language as a barrier left out.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating a lifestyle app, travel navigation app, utility mobile app, information mobile app, productivity app, or even an entertainment’/mobile game app. You must invest in app localization, and this site kit allows you too seamlessly.

When your app or product can be accessed in different languages, it’s potential for success increases. The investment in the app can be small but its return on investment will be massive when it’s widespread.

· Wide coverage:

This is why app localization is very important. As of February 2020, HMS had over 650 million actively monthly users spanning across over 200 countries. Imagine the global reach your app will get when it runs through the Huawei Site Kit.

· Great data source

There is massive data available in over 130 million places.

Final Thoughts

So here’s what we think. Huawei is definitely on the way up. It surely means that they are worth taking an extra look at.

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