Fears of every new YouTuber and how to overcome them


A lot of people have in the past, ditched the idea of starting a YouTube channel. This is mostly because they are trying to outgrow the fear of getting tired in the long run and then putting up their YouTube accounts for sale. If you fall into this category of people, then this guide is for you. Stay glued as we walk you through we the basic fears of every new YouTuber and how to overcome them. Shall we begin?

Fears of starting a YouTube channel and how you can overcome them

Here are some of the fears of beginning a YouTube channel as well as some of the helpful tips to overcoming them:

1. Getting the necessary equipment

Many times, getting the required equipment is the beginning of a successful YouTube channel. However, you can opt to get the cheaper versions of these products pending when you have enough money on you. As a beginner, you need to learn to make use of what you currently have and hope to attain a better height in the future.

For example, smartphones are on the rise and most of them are packed with amazing cameras that can fit in just like a professional camera. Not just that, a lot of manufacturers are starting to develop accessories that will help video marketers to improve the overall quality of videos and audios that were shot with a mobile phone.

2. Effective time management

The need to grow a YouTube channel at a fast pace has caused many vloggers to put a lot of pressure on themselves. Fine, you want to grow your channel, but you can’t afford to stress your mental health in the process. Start by working with the amount of time that you can. With time, you will be able to develop and begin to perform better at video content creation.

3. Having a camera

Most persons especially introverts do not like to face the camera because of the discomfort that tends to feel. If this is you, do not relent on your efforts; you may have to sit back and rethink your decisions. You can start Creating without showing your face. With constant practice, you will find a way to fit into the system.

4. Negative comments

Many people do not like to be critiqued. They would rather you leave them to their mess than try to correct them. As a beginner, this should be part of your worst fears, and it’s understandable. People will always troll you at every chance they get. What should you do? You need to document this as part of your journey and also find a way to develop a thick skin against these comments.

…Or maybe, you can think of it from the positive angle; the more people try to troll and try to downplay your content, the more you pick their suggestions and work towards being better at what you’re doing.


Most big vloggers started their YouTube channel with the same fear as you. It only takes time and a lot of willingness to be able to grow above these fears and finally emerge into something good!

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